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Childrens Drawing Stone - A Moment In The Heart Lasts A Lifetime πŸ’•

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Little moments in time create memories that last a lifetime β™‘Β 

Little drawings from little people are magical. They make us smile, cry, laugh....Little one's are little for such a short time but the moments and memories last a lifetime!Β 

Transform your little one's drawings in to a wonderful keepsake - keep or gift it's a little moment to cherish β™‘Β 

** On ordering you will see an upload button to upload your file. Simply take a photo of the drawing and attach it to your order but please take note of the pointers below before ordering!**Β 

πŸ’• An image on the stone will only be as clear as the image recieved. Each image is edited to fit and be made in to your stone but if it blurry etc I cannot fix this!"Β 

πŸ’• Please note very light colours my not work as well.Β 

πŸ’• If you are drawing specially for the stone I would reccommed no larger than an A6 piece of paper

πŸ’• Please take your photo in good light! Day light, natural light, the morning is best.

πŸ’• Each picture is edited and the way stones are made means that the depth of colours may appear differently to the ones in the original picture

πŸ’• If for any reason your picture is not suitable I will let you know ASAP and you can either send another picture or a full refund will be made.Β 

Stones measure approx 4 x 3 cm (may vary slightly) please bear this in mind when drawing - everything will be much smaller! β™‘Β 


**Please note processing times as shown at checkout in the shipping details are 1-2 weeks**