Little Happy Texts 🌈💕

Get little happy texts from me to you! A little pick me up straight to your phone. No spam, no ads, just a smile sent straight to your phone 💛

As part of my mental health awareness campaigns in past years I have sent happy post in the mail, attached notes to public places and I love to send smiles where I can but lockdown has meant I have not been able to do some of these things so I decided on little happy texts as these can be sent to anyone! 

Simply text "Join" to 07516162779 and you will be added to the little happy text list! 

Texts will be sent at random and hopefully catch you at a time when you might need a little lift! 💓

Texts are free to recieve ❤ You can reply if you want to too! Please note this will be charged at your normal rate. 

** Please note that while you can text back and I will text back where I can, this is not guranteed and this is not a helpline of any sort and cannot be used for mental health support.

If you are struggling with your mental health please reach out to your GP / mental health team / Samaritans or similar who can provide help and support 💜 **

To stop recieving texts just text "Leave" and I will remove you from the text list 💛🌈